Meet the Staff of Greg Coats Cars and Trucks

Greg Coats - Owner

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Mr. Coats has been in the car business most of his adult life, and began ownership in 1962 of Town Motors, on Broadway, then moved to Preston Highway in 1970 opening Greg Coats Classic Cars, and now Greg Coats Cars and Trucks. He's a visionary of this business, and has always been committed to change when necessary as the business has progressed. He goes by Greg, and is always willing to make a deal. He takes his position very seriously, but is a fantastic example of what an owner is, always interested in his customer base, employees, and how he can better serve and improve his establishment.

Tammy Coats - Owner

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Tammy the Terminator! Mrs. Coats has been in the car business for the majority of her adult years and is a hands-on owner/operator. She's a mother of 4 children, and a grandmother of 8!! She loves this business and is committed to growth and improvement in both her customer base and establishments. Her reputation precedes itself, and she's always willing to give a helping hand in all facits of her life. She takes her position seriously, as well as her Scottish Terriers, Tarzan and Jane! On the right day, she's here with the dogs, and you're always welcome to go for a walk with them.

Buren Coats - General Manager

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Buren has grown up around the car business, and started in the detail shop as a teenager and worked his way up through the ranks. Buren is married to Whitney Coats, and they have 3 beautiful children together, Parker, Sophia A'Marie, and Reece. Buren is a graduate of St. Xavier High School, class of 2002, and attended Bellarmine University studying accounting and business. He loves the car business as he does cars themselves. As the car business has changed and the stores have grown, Buren has been on the front-line doing the work with the rest of the staff to make any and all transitions go as smoothly as possible. Mrs. Coats' nick-named him "The Locator", as his specialty is finding the exact car, truck, or SUV you the customer is looking for down the the exterior color and options. He loves to talk cars, and has embraced the technology that surrounds them.

Charlotte Coats Van Himbergen - Office Manager

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Charlotte is the second generation of Tammy the Terminator! There's no task too small or large, and her highly adaptive skill set made her a natural for understanding the back-end of our business. She's a mother of 3 beautiful children and a graduate of Bellarmine University, specializing in accounting; but don't let her fool you, she loves this industry and loves talking with customers. She's never met a department store she didn't like, or a sale that didn't deserve a look!

Jeremy White - Finance manager

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Joe Murphy - Floor manager

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Floor manager

Mike Beam - Floor manager/salesman

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Mike... aka "The Hammer" has been with us for 3 years now, and is Buren's right hand man when he's out of town or on the road. Mike has 20+ years of experience in the automobile industry, and specializes in excellent customer service and repeat business. Mike graduated Moore High School, loves the University of Louisville, and is one of the best Grandpas we have ever seen!

Patrick Young - Internet Sales Manager/salesman

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Pat has been with us now for almost 5 years, and guys like him are an absolute joy to have around in this business. Pat graduated from South Oldham High School, is a proud father a beautiful 4 year old little girl, Layla, and is a real go-getter. He's certified to install any and all types of flooring, and did so for over 10 years. He's in charge of our internet sales department now, and is extremely knowledgeable concerning our inventory and the digital sales environment. Pat is reachable on his mobile phone or email 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Kevin Van Himbergen - CFO

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Kevin... aka Kevi-Baby, is our CFO, and he's an integral part of our businesses. Kevin is a father of 3 beautiful children and the husband of Charlotte Coats VanHimbergen. He's an avid golfer and has found a second love in the car business. Kevin graduated from Ballard High School, then became a graduate of Miami of Ohio, and has a MBA from the University of Indiana specializing in accounting and finance. There's no task too difficult for Kevin, he's been with us for over 3 years now, and has assisted or been in charge of any and all accounting and back-end business changes.

Kenneth Johnson - Salesman

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Come in and ask for Kenny for a great deal on a certified pre-owned vehicle!!!

Joaquin Luna - Salesman

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Cody Coats - Service manager

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Rhonda Leonard - Title clerk

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Title clerk

Hyme Ashby - Salesman

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Chris Rodgers - Title Administrator

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Title Clerk

Cullen Coats - Service department

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Michelle Higdon - Administrative Assistant

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Denise Gutierrez - Administrative Assistant

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Administrative Assistant at OnTime Finance

Fallon Engle - Office manager

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